Salt Cave

Salt Cave at Serenity Spa
Himalayan Salt Cave

What is Salt Cave Therapy?
Salt Therapy is a commonly used natural remedy that goes back many centuries with monks taking the sick down into salt caves to allow them to breathe air saturated with salt particles. In 1843, Dr. Felix Boczkowksi, observed a low incidence of respiratory conditions in salt miners. In modern times, salt therapy has become widely popular in many countries all over the world because of the proven benefits.

Why Salt Caves works?
While sitting in the salt cave the inhaled particles of salt result in reduced inflammation for the entire respiratory tract, a widening of the airway passages, increased elimination of mucus and allergens plus an overall improved immune system. Did we mention it is great for your skin too? The micro-particles of salt influence the skin’s protective layer providing healing and cosmetic effects including normalized pH and regenerative processes in the skin.

Salt Cave at Serenity Spa

How does our Salt Cave work?
Using the newest Eco-friendly and state of the art climate control technology to reproduce the atmosphere of a salt cave with a monitored therapeutic micro-climate. The air in the salt cave is ionized and infused with a low concentration of dry salt. Our cave is proudly built by hand with pure Himalayan salt boulders, rocks, bricks and sand.

What to expect during your Salt Cave session?
Prior to entering the salt cave we provide you a pair of clean socks to wear. You may enter the cave in your own attire or you may wear our spa robe if already here for other spa services. A robe is not provided unless you are receiving a spa service. During your 45 minute salt cave session, you can relax in one our of our zero-gravity chairs, lay back and take a nap or sit and enjoy the soft music and stress-free environment. Please keep in mind our salt cave is a cell phone free environment in order to provide the most relaxing atmosphere for all of our guests.

Warning –

No dogs allowed due to the high salt levels as it can be toxic for dogs.



Salt Cave at Serenity Spa

Salt Cave Session

Pricing is per person.
Must be 18 or older to enter.

45 Minutes

  • $30 any day

Salt Cave Unlimited Packages

Unlimited packages require full payment in advance, and are non-transferable and non-refundable.

  • $299 – 1 Month Unlimited Sessions
  • $499 – 3 Month Unlimited Sessions
  • $699 – 6 Month Unlimited Sessions
Salt Cave at Serenity Spa

Salt Cave Special Packages

We offer several different packages that include a Salt Cave session. For more details see our Spa Packages.

In the Know

In order to provide the very best service we believe in being transparent and like to provide our guests with this important information. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to Contact us prior to your arrival.

  • Service times are approximate
  • Holiday rates (weekend prices) apply for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year weeks
  • No substitutions available on Spa Packages
  • Please review our Cancellation Policy